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ABOUT ECO-COCO: We are the non-profit Specific Development Association for the Environmental Conservancy of Playas del Coco under the National Direction of Community Development (DINADECO). We are also aligned with the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
MISSION: To inspire the community through environmental education and community projects to be environmentally aware, respectful of natural resources and to generate a positive impact on the environment.
To be a leading association which works as a platform to promote local growth and planned development in an ecologically responsible manner.
 GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Educate the community about the importance of respecting, protecting and preserving our natural resources and living together with nature.



Green Coco Map
Part of the macro project Plastic-Free Coco. Launched in June 2018 during the Ironman70.3 Costa Rica, Eco-Coco created a map of the 13 restaurants that already implemented sustainable practices.

The objectives of the projects are:
- To Engage businesses and institutions to maintain and improve their environmental policies
- Encourage businesses that have not yet adopted environmental practices to join the commitment
- Inspire the community to adopt sustainable practices

The list keeps growing! And if you visit Playas del Coco you can get the map on local restaurants and real estate offices.

Coco without bags Campaign
Part of the macro project Plastic-Free Coco.
Launched in July 2018 and teaming up with the Carrillo´s Canton Environmental Commission, Eco-Coco leads the ambitious project of banning all plastic bags from supermarkets and mini markets by December 2020.

The 3 biggest local schools from the community and surroundings joined the #CocoSinBolsas campaign by offering to the student’s mothers, hand-painted fabric bags as a Mother’s Day present, celebrated in Costa Rica on August 15.

On September 25, Eco-Coco will be hosting the 1st Sustainable Practices workshop for local business. The workshop has 3 parts: lectures, workshop and a small eco- suppliers fair.

As key lecturer will be Alberto Quesada from Fundacion MarViva, the most respected Foundation dedicated to environmental awareness in the country.
The general objective of the workshop is for local business to to help each other into finding solutions to the increasing trash problem, and change their own practices in order to become a more environmentally aware community.
The workshop will be held at the Salon Comunal from 8am-12pm. FREE of charge.


Alberto Quesada-Fundación MarViva: Contaminación Marina por Plásticos Desechables: un vista desde el origen del producto hasta la actualidad en el mundo y Costa Rica. El Asesor del Programa de Incidencia Política de la Fundación MarViva, nos enseñará las consecuencias directas a las que nos exponemos como comunidad costera y sobre los efectos que el mal manejo del plástico de un sólo uso le ha hecho a nuestros mares.

César Alvarez - Automercado: Prácticas Ambientales implementadas en el Automercado del Coco. El Automercado de Playas del Coco es uno de los pocos en el país donde la mitad de las trasacciones se hacen a cabo sin el uso de bolsas plásticas. Don Cèsar nos compartirá cuáles han sido las estrategias implementadas para educar a los colaboradores y clientes para reducir el consumo del plásticos de un sólo uso.

Soledad Naranjo- Unique Adventures: Implementaciones sostenibles a turistas. Unique Adventures comparte con nuestros visitantes todas las maravillas naturales de Costa Rica, enseñándoles a la vez a ser turistas responsables y amigables con el ambiente.

Lucas Rivera CCPG / CCAC: Problemas locales en recolección de basura y legislación en el cantón de Carrillo. El presidente de CCPG y Vice-Presidente de la Comisión Ambiental del Cantón de Carrillo nos compartirá los retos que han enfrentado en estos últimos meses en la recolección de basura en la comunidad y los trabajos que se están haciendo en el cantón de Carrillo con el nuevo Plan Municipal de Gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos.

Mylor Campos-Rasta Recycle: Separación de desechos. El Rasta nos enseñará qué reciclables se reciben en su centro de acopio, cómo separarlos y cómo disponer de los desechos correctamente.


Eco-Coco’s mission is to educate, that is why one of our most important activities we do  is to share with the children from Guanacaste the importance of nature preservation and to make a responsable classification of our waste.

To this date, these are some of the schools that have welcomed us:
  • Playas del Coco Public School
  • Playa Panamá Public School
  • Playa Hermosa Public School
  • ‘Only Little People’ Kindergarten, Playas del Coco (Public school)
  • Teocali Academy, Liberia
  • Sea Wonders Academy, Sardinal

We also work together with organizations which share our environmental affinity in order to provide the communities with the necessary tools to acquire knowledge in different environmental topics.

On October 2018, we invited the Keto Foundation, to give a talk on Whale Watching. More than 12 different groups representing governmental organizations and private companies attended the event interested in knowing how to correctly approach whales and dolphins. A green recognition sticker was given to the participants to place in their boats, which seeks to inform their clients on the company's responsibility to protect and respect our marine mammals.

Blue Flag

Through consulting services, we help institutions obtain their goals for Costa Rica’s Ecologic Blue Flag Program Award. At schools, we give talks to the school staff, parents and children on how they can improve their facilities in order to obtain this award..

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